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    Necklace, Collapsing & Expanding Stars


    Each piece is made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for creation & delivery. Thank you.

    Collapsing Star

    A dense seed compresses light into an intensely intimate moment. Resting near the neck, the pendant is a place of beginning and a place of connection. Wearing this necklace is like wearing the emergence of a super nova.

    Expanding Star

    A singular shining moment on the verge of erupting life. The kaleidoscopic surface splits to reveal a growing universe of warm light within. This large pendant captures the birth of a new start, expanding against the smooth texture of skin. A breath-taking adornment.

    • Finish
      24K Gold 100mils Vermeil
    • Material
      Sterling Silver
    • Measure (S)
      13mm x 13mm x 13mm
    • Weight (S)
    • Measure (L)
      17mm x 17mm x 17mm
    • Weight (L)
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